What You Didn’t Know About Deirdre Baggot

Those who are involved in the healthcare industry recognize the name of Deirdre Baggot as a pioneer in the area of healthcare payment reform. She is well known as the architect of and major proponent for the concept of “bundled payments”. Operating under a bundled system means that the healthcare provider is paid a single, proscribed amount of money for all services provided in the treatment of a specific disease or condition. This system ensures that there are no shortcuts in care and it reduces deaths as a result of improper treatment. It is more efficient than traditional payments because costs are reduced for both patients and facilities and patients stay healthier because they receive proper treatment the first time they seek it. Follow Deirdre Baggot on Instagram

Even if you are familiar with Deirdre Baggot, here is some information that you may not know. She spends her time leading demonstrations, participating on panels, and speaking at conferences in support of the bundled payment concept. She serves as a consultant with a number of businesses and many others listen to her advice. Her payment innovations have generated over $5 million for two healthcare advisory firms with whom she worked. She has designed and implemented new payment models with companies or Medicaid and Medicare in over 200 hospitals. Her model has achieved the best results in the industry by reducing costs, improving the quality of care, and upgrading the total patient experience.

With her passion for payment reformation and her commitment to a variety of ventures, Deirdre Baggot’s daily schedule can quickly get out of control. She finds that she needs checklists to prioritize her activities and help her maintain focus. She also imposes her own project deadlines rather than rely on external pressures to complete a task. She begins each day by conducting research and recording details in an outline. She has her team of experts evaluate all her ideas even while she works on new ones. Her next commitment will be to medical wearables which are technological devices that are worn by patients to track personal health and fitness information. She will never complete her search because as she has often said her motivation comes from being the “hardest worker in the room”.

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The “Side Effects” of The Chainsmokers

EDM-pop superstars The Chainsmokers, Alex Pall (the Chainsmokers DJ) and Andrew Taggart (the Chainsmokers producer) , have been around on the scene since 2012, with songs from Taggart circulating around Soundcloud while being an intern at Interscope Records and Pall working at an art gallery before the two eventually met through Pall’s manager Adam Alpert. However, they picked up steam with songs such as #Selfie and Roses in 2014 and 2015, in that order, rising to even greater heights with international smashes like “Don’t Let Me Down” and their Billboard number-one “Closer”, the former of which won the Grammy for Best Dance Recording. Nowadays, they tour the world performing in festivals and stadiums of all kinds and collaborating with the likes of Coldplay as well as Halsey. They also have two EPs (Bouquet and Collage, respectively) and a debut album (Memories…Do Not Open) under their belt on top of a three-year long Vegas residency and a plethora of accolades including eight iHeartRadio Music Awards, seven Billboard Music Awards and two American Music Awards to name a few. The duo’s most recent single, Side Effects which has Riverdale star Camila Mendes as the lead of the music video, is a far cry from the slow-moving EDM-pop-centric sound of their past work. Featuring longtime collaborater Emily Warren, Side Effects is an uptempo glimmering disco-funk earworm about the ups and downs of modern-day relationships ready for the radio and parties across the states and the world at large. Unlike songs like Sick Boy and You Owe me, which take a decidedly darker turn, reflecting the winter time it was released in and tackling personal issues the duo were going through at the time, Side Effects is a certifiable summer jam that is sure to rule the summer this and every following year.


Invest In Freedom Checks And Enjoy High Returns Hassle-Free

Invest In Freedom Checks and Enjoy High Returns Hassle-Free

Most people in the world come up with strategies that they can employ and save extra money from their daily, weekly or monthly earnings. It is wise to always think about how you will survive after retirement. You don’t want your children or grandchildren to suffer in the future when you can save when still young and fit. Today, there are advanced and powerful investment programs that you can rely on and grow your wealth. Freedom Checks is the latest investment program that presents investors with millions of investment options available.

Freedom checks are a leverage act in the taxation code that makes it easy for investors to earn high returns from their investments as well as get an extra subsidy from the United States government. The key reason why many investors are opting for this investment program is the fact that they are not subjected to taxation. Instead, investors get checks on a regular basis from recognized government agencies in exchange for using their earnings into investments. With such a retirement plan in mind, many investors are opting to retire early and take advantage of this lucrative investment opportunity.

Investors should not think that checks are just an easy way to make money because they are used to taking measured risks. These kind of checks are helpful especially if one makes an investment and earn a return. It is not a get-rich quick program that an investor can play around with. These checks are legal securities that an investor needs to buy first before he or she gets a return. In simple terms, if you have invested your available money, you get a chance to get above-average returns for a long period of time.

The more you invest in checks, the higher the chances of making better returns. Therefore, an investor has to think deep, research meticulously and consult widely before investing. Renowned investment experts such as Matt Badialli can offer unbiased guidance and advice on this kind of investment. Matt Badialli and other investors who have invested in freedom checks are a great testimony, this investment program is real and not a sketchy way to make money. In fact, those how have invested in this initiative are in for a surprise as more than $34.6 billion worth of freedom checks is up for grabs.

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A Gift From Former President Nixon

Matt Badiali has uncovered very interesting news in a buried U.S. statute regarding shareholders of publicly traded partnerships. Mr. Badiali, a personal finance professional with a focus on natural resources investing, knows that there is a statute, 26 U.S. Code 7704, that allows energy concerns to send earnings on to their investors, on either a monthly or quarterly basis. The firms that can disseminate these earnings, under the aegis of this code, have to be “master limited partnerships (MLP)” involved in the natural energy sector, which is also why Matt Badiali is well aware of this.

MLP’s have 2 different types of partners within it. There are general partners, which as the name lends, oversee daily general operations of a fund. In addition, there are all the investors in the fund who are also considered partners, but they are limited partners. Investors are considered “unit holders” as opposed to shareholders, and it is through this unit-holder structure that required distributions are funneled to investors. MLP’s are not required to pay any type of a corporate tax, so the gross advantage is to be able to redistribute copious amounts of earnings to unit holders in funds that would otherwise have a date with the IRS.

MLP’s are most often found in stable, long-term growth industries, like the natural resource sector Matt Badiali covers. The fact that they have so much additional cash rolling around from their “no-corporate tax structure,” MLP’s can offer very high yields as compared to most every other vehicle.

President Nixon saw the United States as absolutely having to protect itself from over-reliance on foreign sources of energy, so he though the best way to induce investors to support domestic concerns in the natural resource sector was to give them the opportunity to make handsome returns. Matt Badiali is helping Americans invest in themselves and their future.

MLP’s are open to anyone with a few hundred extra dollars to invest, but the greatest rewards are found from investing larger amounts of money. Starting small, getting comfortable and then seeing the results should induce greater investing. Even more encouraging is that the only time a taxable event is recognized by investors is if they sell their units in an MLP, so the benefits are very clear on this type of smart investment.

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Sussex Healthcare Provides Residents With A High Quality Experience

Sussex Healthcare is hiring administration staff, caregivers, nurses, and physical therapists for its UK homes in Billingshurst, Crawley, East Grinstead, Henfield, Horsham, and Uckfield. Full training is offered to those with no experience. Sussex Healthcare’s mission is to hire caregivers that are qualified and friendly to residents. They should seek to improve residents’ lives and give a high standard of care. They must be able to work with the other staff members at Sussex Healthcare. The leaders recognize the hard work, contributions, and punctuality of the caregivers. Each resident’s care plan must be followed. They must be assisted with bathing, dressing, eating, toileting, and walking.

Sussex Healthcare offers a competitive pay rate and double the rate on bank holidays. The teachers are patient and compassionate. Other benefits offered include free bus for staff, paid breaks, a pension option, and reduced accommodation rates.

The company’s specialties include dementia, the elderly, learning disabilities, physical disabilities, respite, and terminal illness. The company added a new gym to its Horsham facility. It has a jetted hot tub, a pool, and underwater treadmills. Residents are encouraged to participate in various outdoor activities.

Sussex Healthcare was established in 1985 as a small facility. The company now has 20 facilities and over 580 beds. Amanda Morgan-Taylor became the CEO at the beginning of 2018. She has 30 years of healthcare and social care experience. Amanda wants to preserve the company’s holistic and innovative care, while finding new ways to improve the resident’s lives. She first visited all of the homes to meet with residents and staff. In 1984, she became a mental health nurse. She left nursing to work at an auditing department, where she was promoted to overseer of development tasks. She helped create different healthcare systems for mentally handicapped and elderly individuals. She also increases trust between stakeholders and companies.

Sussex Healthcare is the only UK independent nursing home to receive dual accreditation. In 2002, it was accredited by Health Quality Service, and in 2005, it was granted the ISO 9000:2000 accreditation. The residents are encouraged to participate in various indoor and outdoor activities.

Deirdre Baggot’s Mission to Improve the State of America’s Healthcare Industry

Deirdre Baggot is certainly a prominent professional in her industry, as she is The Camden Group’s vices president. Bundled payments take up a large part of her focus as a part of the Care Improvement Initiative. Colorado’s Exempla Saint Joseph is somewhere at which she has spent a great deal of time, and so is the Northwestern Memorial, which is a part of the Health System at the University of Michigan. The experience and respect that Deirdre gained at these locations set her up for a future of speaking on what is necessary in the United States regarding health care reform. Learn more about Deirdre Baggot at worldcongress.com

In the United States, one of the biggest issues that consumers are facing in the healthcare industry is the lack of affordability. This is something that Deirdre Baggot is particularly concerned about. Every day citizens require medication or procedures that they simply do not have a realistic way to pay for. Inside of the medical community, it is likely that bundled payments will become more and more common in the coming years, and Ms. Baggot is one of the primary advocates pushing for this change to help patients across the country. A successful, widespread acceptance of bundled payments is bound to have an extremely positive effect on the medical community.

Deirdre Baggot is dedicated to improving the state of this nation’s healthcare system and protecting the best interests of the patients. This woman, over the course of her career in the medical field, has been at the forefront of healthcare reform. It is largely due to her efforts that several different payment models have successful been implemented throughout the industry, and she has worked with powerful people in more than 200 different hospitals around the United States. Additionally, Ms. Baggot also has some important experience advising New York’s Medicaid branch regarding bundled payments. Read more: https://ideamensch.com/deirdre-baggot/


Fagali’I Airport located within a small island

Fagali airport is a small airport that resides in the island of Upolu. The airport is owned and operated by the Polynesian Airlines. It was once a grass only airstrip, but as of July 2002 it has been paved. In 2005 the airport was de-commissioned, due to Government and village concerns. The concerns were attributed to safety and noise. In 2009, Polynesian Airlines reopened Fagali airport and service resumed. The service included local and international flights to Pago Pago, American Samoa. Although service reopened in 2009, the proposal to reopen didn’t come without controversy. As in the past, the criticism was related to safety and environment issues within the airports configuration. Also, the potential burden on local communities should the plan fail. The two main airlines that have operated from Fagali airport include Polynesian Airlines and Samoa Air. Related Links

The Royal Samoa Golf Course is a 9-hole course that’s adjacent to Fagali airport. It’s a couple of miles east to the airport. The nine holes were originally routed through a coconut plantation. It had narrow fairways that were through stands of towering palm trees. On the outward half of the course is where the signature-hole is found. The hole is a blind par three on the 6th, which is nested in a green gully.

The small island has a population of 1,571. It’s very accommodating for excursionist who are looking to get away from the big city. The island is known for its deep-sea fishing, epic surfing waves, and their scuba diving into some of the most beautiful sealife of the world. If you’re into hiking, take advantage of the majestic waterfalls which are set deep into the wilderness. While on the island be sure to stroll the village and search for their best native cuisine.

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David McDonald: An Iowa Farm Boy Makes Good

David McDonald started as a farm boy in Iowa, earning a Bachelor’s Degree in Animal Science from Iowa State University (ISU) in 1987. While at ISU, he also earned the Wallace E. Barron Outstanding Senior Award for “high character, outstanding achievement in academics and university/community activities, and promise for continuing these exemplary qualities as alumni.” Today David McDonald is still devoted to his alma mater, working with the university’s Agricultural Entrepreneurship Initiative, contributing to the Alpha Gamma Rho scholarship fund and establishing and supporting internship opportunities for ISU students at OSI Group. In 2004 he was presented the ISU Alumni Association’s Young Alumni Award, and in 2014 he earned The Emerging Philanthropist Award from the Iowa State University Foundation.

Joining food processors OSI Group right out of college, David McDonald spent the next thirty years learning the business by working in a number of different positions, starting as a project manager and leading to his present position as OSI Group’s President and Chief Operating Officer. Along the way, he acquired expertise in food processing, production, and logistics across international borders. Starting as a small butcher shop serving the German population in West Chicago, Otto and Sons, now OSI Group has grown into a worldwide leader in food processing, serving Burger King and McDonald’s restaurants, Papa John’s pizza, Subway subs, Starbucks coffee houses, and clients around the world.

David McDonald was instrumental in the recent expansion of OSI Group into China. Taking over Dutch food company Baho Foods allowed further expansion into Germany and the Netherlands. Buying food processor Flagship Europe allowed even greater expansion into the European marketplace. McDonald has stated that since OSI Group’s business partners understand the business culture in their respective area, the best management decisions are made “closest to our customers,” and rely on the expertise and familiarity of partners from the region. Thanks in large part to McDonald’s stewardship, OSI Group today is a worldwide group of companies with over 65 plants spanning 17 countries and employing over 20,000 people.

The Agricultural Sector Experiences A Slow Start, Flavio Maluf Reports

The first four months of the year witnessed a 0.4% rise in the economy of Brazil compared to what was experienced in the closing stages of 2017. In comparison to the start of last year, an increase of 1.2 % was witnessed. The agricultural sector has not done as well as the whole economy. These statistics are drawn from a report made by Flavio Maluf, Eucatex Group’s president.

The truck drivers’ demonstrations in mid-May had a huge impact in the agricultural sector. The report indicates that the sector experienced a 2.6% drop in its GDP. There was a considerable decline in the crops harvested. Read more about Flavio Maluf at Wikipedia.

Flavio Maluf’s report indicated that feed production took a hit as sugarcane and maize products were not circulated as expected. The lack of feeds squarely affected the livestock industry. Meat production experienced an all-time low. Traders also had a rough time during this period.

The coffee chain was not left out. Raw materials did not get to the processing plants in good time. The decline in production was inevitable and exporters had to count their losses according to the report. It was not helped by the fact that harvesting usually reaches its peak during this period.

Rice and leaf tobacco production also recorded notable declines of 6% and 7% respectively. The decline in the agricultural sector was not entirely unexpected. 2017 had seen an unprecedented improvement in productions. 240 million tons of harvest in the first four months had never been witnessed before. Market players could not guarantee that this would be replicated the following year.

The situation, however, was not grim for all the crops. Flavio Maluf reported that soybeans recorded an all-time high in the South American country. 119 million tons of soybeans were harvested in the first quarter of the year. The impact of this harvest was largely overshadowed by the substantial losses on the other agricultural products.

Road freight regulations and reduced diesel oil prices led to the calamitous strike that kicked off on May 21. Agricultural producers were the greatest losers of the demonstrations that would later enjoy public backing.

The 58-year-old has led the Eucatex Group since 1997 and continues to guide them towards astronomical success in the business world.

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Details People Have Missed About The Two Recent AdSphere Awards of U.S. Money Reserve

There’s a lot of buzz in the pipeline of U.S. Money Reserve lately, and some of them would involve the fact that it is right now one of the most acclaimed, award-winning firms that are still doing business after many years of undergoing market changes. In an article from Business Wire, these awards that U.S. Money Reserve recently received were being reported to have come from the two “Best of Category” Awards of the 2018 AdSphere™ Awards.



Many people have already regarded U.S. Money Reserve as a fast-growing private distributor of government-approved silver, gold and platinum products. They’re already leading in that department, but the recent AdSphere awards has put them in a higher pedestal for a different reason. The latest award is to recognize the excellence of U.S. Money Reserve in marketing, campaigning and pushing for its products in direct-response television (DRTV).



The world of DRTV industry is big and filled with competion, with various ads claiming to be the most responsive and attractive in generating leads. However, AdShpere considers U.S. Money Reserve as a special stand out because of its deliberately alluring ads in the “Short Form Products” as well as in “Infomercials” categories.



It should also be noted that AdSphere awards is already noted to be an authority in honoring advertisers and brands that are part of the $350 billion direct-response television sector. It’s already a recognized firm that knows how to pick the right brands that excel in selling consumer-centric products. It is also claimed that the recent AdSphere Awards is one of today’s most inclusive award-giving bodies, since it recently gathered about 70 honorees for its selection.



For her part, CEO of U.S. Money Reserve Angela Koch is grateful for such recognition. It just means that the dedicated efforts of U.S. Money Reserve to bring their products out there have really paid off. This is already the second time that U.S. Money Reserve received the award.



About U.S. Money Reserve



U.S. Money Reserve is based in Austin, Texas, and founded in 2001. Since then, it has built a name of being the world’s largest distribution centers of legal tender products in the United States that’s completely privately owned. Many of its clients already rely on the experts of U.S. Money Reserve in assessing the various commodities and precious metals in the legal tender industry, including U.S. Gold, silver coins and platinum.



It’s also worth noting that the team of experts and numismatic professionals working for U.S. Money Reserve are dedicated to always giving the quality service and products that the clients need.