End Citizens United: Endorsement Of Political Opponents To The Big Money 20

Political action committees play a key role in the United States political ecosystem. End Citizens United is one of the largest grassroots political action committees that has ever been founded within the borders of the United States of America. A were founded initially in response to a decision made by the Supreme Court.

This decision was made in the case of Citizens United versus the Federal election commission. In this case, the Supreme Court found that corporations have the same rights as individuals and people. The end result of this decision was the unlimited donations with no amount of accountability for political campaigns being possible. As a result of this decision, corruption has grown, and members of Congress are more and more influenced by members of the economic elite. This has caused there to be growing concern for the health of our political system. End Citizens United has a stated mission goal of reforming political campaign finance policies. They were initially founded only several years after the Supreme Court decision in the case of Citizens United versus the Federal election commission.

During the first election cycle that End Citizens United political action committee was able to take part in the managed to generate $25 million of fully traceable and accountable political donations. This is significant because it makes it one of the largest grassroots campaigns ever be in committed in the United States of America. Now they have turned their focus and attention towards the 2018 midterm election cycle. During the 2018 midterm election cycle End Citizens United has pledged to raise an additional $35 million in political campaign donations. This $35 million will also be submitted for auditing to the Federal election commission. They have a goal of full transparency, and by utilizing grassroots campaign policies, they hope to show the world the influence of everyday Americans on our political system.

As of now, there are several members of Congress who are known to have been influenced by billionaires and large corporations. End Citizens United has dubbed these members of Congress the big money 20. End Citizens United has endorsed several candidates to run in opposition to the big money 20. By endorsing opponents to the big money 20 End Citizens, United has hopes to help speed the pace of campaign-finance reform policies. In this way, End Citizens United hopes to help change them very nature of the United States of America political ecosystem.

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