Betsy Devos and the Educational Choice Movement

There is no question that the Devos family has fully moved into Washington. Both Betsy and Dick Devos are now in Capitol Hill. Betsy is the 11th US Education Secretary, and her husband has recently been appointed to the Federal Aviation Administration’s Management Advisory Council. The family has also been noted for their large-scale donations, which nearly add up to $139 million.


Betsy Devos believes that philanthropy has its place in helping to rebuild America’s education system. For now, she is working with states to help employer the educational choice initiative. The educational choice program allows students to pick where they want to go to school no matter where they live.


Devos says that people who oppose the plan don’t necessarily understand educational choice. However, public school teachers state that it only takes away money from public schools and provides public funding for private schools. However, Devos states that it’s simply misunderstood. Philanthropy has been the driving force behind the educational choice movement.


According to a recent interview with “60 Minutes,” Betsy Devos met with Lesley Stahl to answer questions about her educational choice programs, school safety, Common Core Math, standardized testing, and state-level education power. Much of the conversation was about what had Devos had done since her appointment. She has had two years, and Stahl wondered what had been successful during that time?


Devos stated that Florida had been one of the great successes. The state has the most educational choice options. Students can choose to go to magnet programs, charter schools, private schools, virtual schools, and homeschooling programs.


The Devos couple has been working in Michigan for some time. However, school reform has always been a passion for Betsy Devos since she began her career at Calvin College, joining political organizations and educational reform movements. Ever since that time, she has worked to help Michigan’s education system. She has even co-founded a school with her husband, the West Michigan Aviation Academy.


With over $134 million in donations, the Devos Family Foundation has contributed greatly to the educational choice movement. Betsy Devos is committed to bringing her campaign to more states. While she has met some discord from the left, she continues to believe in the power of educational choice and wants to help students everywhere go to the school of their dreams.


President Trump has also appointed Betsy Devos as lead for school safety reform. Over the summer, schools changed policies, updated their security, added metal detectors, and notified students and parents that there were going to be more higher security protocols taken. This comes after the gun violence of early 2018 led to a number of school shootings.


Betsy Devos continues to work towards a school choice system. She has less than two years to make it effective at the federal level.


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