OSI Group Grows The Capabilities In Spain

OSI Group already had a considerable presence in Spain before they recently expanded their business in the area even further. Their Toledo, Spain plant was recently renovated with more production area along with other features such as storage and a test kitchen was added on. These additions were added to cover the increase in demand for chicken products in Spain and surrounding countries. Before this considerable expansion, the plant had the capabilities to process around 12,000 tons of chicken each and every year and as of now, that capability has doubled. OSI Group buys former Tyson Foods plant in Chicago.

While chicken is the area that OSI Group is currently seeing the most growth in, their plant in Toledo, Spain does not only process chicken products and in fact, offers a large variety of different proteins to meet the demands of their consumer base. Some of their other popular items include pork, beef, and turkey. While the company and their customers are excited about their increase in production capacity, government officials and residents of the area around the plant are excited about the almost 2 dozen new jobs the expansion has brought.

One of these new positions that OSI Group was able to offer includes a product development manager for the plant who will represent many people within the company as they work to develop new products for their customers. With just this plant now being able to produce 45,000 tons of meat, they will need excellent leadership to take the company in the right direction. Along with trying to come up with new products for their line, they will also be trying to figure out how to improve their items that already exist. The preferences of products are always changing and they have to be ready to accommodate any new demands that their clients may have for the company.

Jose Maria, the Managing Director of the OSI Group operations in Spain, stated that the demand for chicken has been steadily rising over the past decade. This growth is expected to keep occurring for the foreseeable future. With demands growing, OSI Group has positioned themselves to be able to stay at the forefront of food production.

The Business Journey with Sheldon Lavin

Sometimes all we need is a role model, someone we can look up to, to learn the lessons of the path we are about to follow. Sheldon Lavin is among the people that business people consider a role model in the business world. He followed his dream despite the hardships that he came along to be the person he is today.

India’s Vision World Academy recognized his effort and awarded him with the Global Visionary Award. The academy has been holding the awards for five years. They award the investors who held on to their dream and went against all the odds to achieve them. They aim to encourage the entrepreneurs to keep working hard, and to inspire the young investors to keep grinding.

Sheldon Lavin is the CEO and Chairman of the OSI Industries. He has a long history with the OSI Industries. Lavin studied accounts and finance in the university. His dream was to create a chain of companies to produce products that consumers use every day. He, therefore, began a financial consultant firm. This is when the Otto & Sons, approached him for the financial help to enlarge the business. He believed in their strategy and financed them. More about of Sheldon Lavin at Forbes.

After some time, Lavin became a partner in the firm after the father of the sons retired. The OSI Industries began to grow. Sheldon Lavin decided to work with the firm on a full-time basis. His continued contribution has led him to become the owner of the OSI Industries as he has the majority shares of the firm.

Sheldon Lavin encourages the people who are starting their entrepreneur journey by admitting that starting something is always scary. He says that he was scared and was unsure whether his skills matched the responsibility that he was about to undertake. For him, his fear ended when the Otto & Sons approached him; he considers this as his breakthrough.

Sheldon Lavin says that one strategy that led to his early success in his firm is investing in large quantities. He transformed all his firms to multinational firms, which helped him enjoy the benefits of scale. The strategy helped him become profitable in his first year of business.

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Three Decades Of David McDonald Leadership At OSI Group

OSI Group is responsible for much of the global food production. The major corporation today got its start over one hundred years ago. It began as a neighborhood meat market opened by a German immigrant who had immigrated to the United States during the early twentieth century. By the middle of the twentieth century, the family business had become the top supplier for McDonald’s franchises in the midwestern United States. For the past twenty five years, this food provider has been aggressively expanding its territory with acquisitions, new facilities and adding more food to its product lineup.

David McDonald joined the company three decades ago as a project manager. The Iowa State University graduate majored in animal science. He has been with the company through many phases. As chief operating officer, David McDonald has been apart of many big deals for the company. He has negotiated major deals with suppliers and partners. He has been behind some of their major acquisitions. He has led the company to opening more facilities. He has led the company to bringing on more employees. He has done a great job of making sure OSI Group keeps its position as being one of the largest and most well known food suppliers in the world.

David McDonald’s roots run deep in the Midwest. He is a native of Iowa and grew up on a farm. He grew up in the same region where OSI Group first started working with first major supplier, McDonald’s. Most people would not assume that an Iowa farm boy would take a path in life that would lead to corporate America. But his youth played a role in his interest with the distribution of food and honing his managerial skills. As the president of this company, he makes an effort to make sure the next generation becomes businesswomen and businessmen. He gives back to his university. He works to make sure agriculture entrepreneurship is alive and well.

OSI Group has made major moves under the leadership of their president. The company has purchased Baho Food and Flagship Europe. These acquisitions have led to the company being able to reach more customers. Additionally, they were able to broaden their workforce and assets. They have also purchased an Australian food company that will allow them to be a more effective food supplier in to their customers in Australia.