Quality Learning at Rockeship Education

Rocketship Education is a school that offers quality education to children from low-income backgrounds. The institution reaches out to areas where no excellent schools exist. Rocketship Education started more than ten years ago at a church in San Jose, California. Today, the school has a remarkable achievement by bridging the achievement gap in our lives in the community. The institution continues to improve its services to the Rocketeers and the community at large. The school is still a work in progress to work on various new ways to handle each student’s interest. Our intention to create a transformative school enables us to engage parents, empower teachers, and include the whole community.

Since the start of Rocketship Education in 2006, the school continues to succeed in its endeavor by opening a new school each year. We embrace the use of the technology, but we know that a personalized education is not just about the advanced technology. Our main aim is to understand the needs of the students and the interest of their families. We use the unique mode of learning where we visit students at their homes. The teacher home learning is working successfully as compared to the teacher classroom mode. This single mode of education creates a healthy relationship and gives a clear understanding of how to serve students appropriately.

At Rocketship Education, we do not retest students based on their previous performance. We aim to create trust in the families with our capability to handle their children academically. More students still join Rocketship for the next session even after having an opportunity to join district schools. More than half of the parents sanction others to enter the school. Over 50 percent of the parents endorsed join the school. Additionally, we encourage parent leadership programs at Rocketship. We utilize the power of families to hold political leaders responsible for the quality of education in the public schools.

We closely monitor the skills and capability of the educators. However, many teachers do not want to spend the whole day in the classrooms. The educators burn out when kept under supervision. Therefore, we are glad for the team of recruiters who look for teachers with the right mindset to fit our model.