Freedom Checks: Better Than A Governement Program

There are going to be several hundred companies that will be issuing a combined total of over $34 billion in Freedom Checks to their shareholders this year alone. Will you sit on the sidelines while someone else rakes in the profits, or will you take the initiative to invest in one of the most lucrative investment strategies in the stock market? If you are wondering how you can start collecting these payments, start learning about Master Limited Partnerships. Congress passed legislation back in 1987 that gives MLPs a tax-free standing and the ability to issue Freedom Checks to loyal stakeholders of their company. MLPs have been publicly traded companies that most investors have overlooked.

When Freedom Checks became more widely known, a lot of people were confusing them with being either a brand-new government program or part of an existing program. Taxpayers have age restrictions on when they can start collecting benefits. A person can receive Freedom Checks, and there are no income limitations. Someone who is interested in beginning their investment journey can start taking advantage of Freedom Checks with as little as $10 and access to a trading account, where their payments will be deposited. It is important to note that receiving these payments requires someone to invest money. The more the person chooses to invest, the more they will receive in payments.

Matt Badiali has been aggressive in telling the public about MLPs as a great investment for a variety of reasons. First, he feels that the tax plan passed by the Republicans is going to mean higher profitability for many of these companies. Higher profits will enable MLPs to be more generous to their shareholders. He also feels that the fracking boom is going to keep this area profitable for many years. The United States use to import much more oil from the Middle East in the past. With many US oil companies utilizing fracking technology, the US is closer to achieving energy independence. As long as this trend continues, investing in MLPs may be very profitable, and these companies will be issuing substantially higher payments as the earnings explode.

Serge Belamant Receives Approval of Patents that Transformed the Gaming and Financial Sectors

Technology inventor Serge Belamant revolutionized financial institutions and governments when he developed the Verification of a Transactor’s Identity System. His first invention, the Method and Apparatus for Controlling a Gaming Operation System is a smart card that features secure processing and memory apparatus. Each system uses a smart card, a technology Serge Belamant patented in 1989 in the US, Europe, South Africa, and other global countries. The technology emerged in the development of blockchain applications that uses micro processors in smart cards for identity verification and to control game operations for wagering. Serge Belamant claims on the Verification of a Transactor’s Identity System incorporate secured apparatus, memory storage, and processors in a smart card.

The memory of the card stores the application for controlling the operations of a game and associating gain and loss data of its players. The patent claims the technology can provide functioning gaming with a second processor, display, and input. Another claim is that the system transmits output signals that represent a game result. In a news report issued by BlockPitch, in December of this year, the approval date of the patent was in 2001. The Verification of Transactor’s Identity System is popular around the business world for verifying the identity of a transactor before conducting financial transactions. This system facilitates a transaction between transactors and a government agency or financial institution.

An independent verifier is the operator of the facility for verifying and identifying a transactor. Serge Belamant didn’t receive approval for the system’s patent until 2014, seven years after filing for it. In South Africa and other African countries, Serge Belamant is known as a blockchain inventor of smart cards. He made the identification and financial processing innovative for ensuring security and the handling of financial transactions. The blockchain technology he created is a ledger or list linked with cryptograph which includes data of the transaction and its time stamp. The best feature of the Transactor’s Identity System is its online and offline capabilities. Five years ago, he filed for a patent for his invention of the Financial Transactions With a Varying Pin System and he’s waiting on its approval.

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Peter Briger, the Principal & Co-Chairman of the Board of Directors at Fortress Investment Group

One of the driving factors in a well thriving business is good leadership. Peter Briger the Co-Chairperson and Principal at Fortress Investment Group is one of the strongest pillars that has been able to lead this great investment company to heights it currently enjoys in the industry. So what has taken this well-decorated business executive and staunch investor to achieve all this?

To many, Peter Briger is a decorated business leader and a financial expert who enjoys more than two decades experience in asset management. Other than being experienced, Briger is highly qualified with a B.A degree from Princeton University and an MBA from the University of Pennsylvania, Wharton School of Business. Learn more about Peter Briger at

Career history

Much as Mr. Peter Briger is well known for his enormous contributions in Fortress Investment Group, his career dates back. Before joining the Company in 2002, Peter Briger had worked at Goldman, Sachs & Co. for a period of 15 years growing himself to the position of managing partner in 1996. Before assuming the position of Co-Chairman of Fortress in 2009, Briger was so much involved in various leadership and management roles in the company that helped him build his career. His Fortress Credit Portfolio unit that he created and managed was able to elevate him and the company to billionaire status thanks to his managerial skills.

Peter Briger’s success

Besides his financial investment prowess, Mr. Briger is also known for his enormous contribution to his community. Briger has made and continuously contributes to his community through a number of philanthropic acts. Currently, Briger sits and serves at Caliber schools board. This is a charted network group of schools dedicated to shaping and preparing students for the competitive college years and life beyond it. Briger also is involved with Tipping point a non-profit organization in San Francisco that helps low income earning citizens in the community. This is not all; Briger is also involved with causes that seek to better children well-being through quality education and poverty alleviation.

If you are looking for a role model to look up to then Mr. Peter Briger is just the right person to look up to.



How Paul Mampilly Helps Investors through Banyan Hill Publishing

Paul Mampilly is the editor of Banyan Hill Publishing which one of the fastest growing investment advisory platforms since he started it in 1998. Initially, the publication’s name was the sovereign society. The publication has more than 400,000 daily subscribers who take advantage of the advice outlined in the publication concerning ways of identifying the best investment opportunities. The investment information available in Banyan includes income-generating investments, natural resources, and commodities, small and mid-cap stocks, undervalued companies in the United States and option plays. Paul Mampilly started the publication to advise investors on matters related to asset protection trusts, opening and managing offshore bank accounts, global business institutions, private companies, dual citizenship, and immigration. Other topics include global investment techniques and how United States Dollar’s application across the world.

In 2016, Sovereign Society renamed to Banyan Hill Publishing as Paul Mampilly added useful advice in the publication. The new company relies on its entrepreneurship, investing, and asset protection experts across the world to offer sensible advice to its subscribers. The information helps the readers with an option of choosing the best financial steps for achieving their targets with fewer investment risks. Due to regular busts when investors suffer through the investment tsunamis, the investors are prone to risks of making poor investment decisions on their own or paying unqualified advisers to help them. Banyan Hill Publishing provides an alternative way of protecting and growing one’s wealth because it is easier to access the experts and get the best strategies they used to build their wealth.

In the site, Paul Mampilly involves experts who have traveled wide across the world and ones who are good financial writers and booksellers. Additionally, he seeks collaboration from former hedge fund managers and those who were financial advisors to the wealthy people. The advisers have expertise in financial planning, business management, and technical analysis that help the readers in realizing financial success with low-risk factors. Paul Mampily offers advice not only through this publication but also through interviews from media houses like Bloomberg TV, Fox Business News, and CNBC. He gained his financial experience from the Wall Street, Bankers Trust, Deutsche Bank and Royal Bank of Scotland to name but a few.

Three Decades Of David McDonald Leadership At OSI Group

OSI Group is responsible for much of the global food production. The major corporation today got its start over one hundred years ago. It began as a neighborhood meat market opened by a German immigrant who had immigrated to the United States during the early twentieth century. By the middle of the twentieth century, the family business had become the top supplier for McDonald’s franchises in the midwestern United States. For the past twenty five years, this food provider has been aggressively expanding its territory with acquisitions, new facilities and adding more food to its product lineup.

David McDonald joined the company three decades ago as a project manager. The Iowa State University graduate majored in animal science. He has been with the company through many phases. As chief operating officer, David McDonald has been apart of many big deals for the company. He has negotiated major deals with suppliers and partners. He has been behind some of their major acquisitions. He has led the company to opening more facilities. He has led the company to bringing on more employees. He has done a great job of making sure OSI Group keeps its position as being one of the largest and most well known food suppliers in the world.

David McDonald’s roots run deep in the Midwest. He is a native of Iowa and grew up on a farm. He grew up in the same region where OSI Group first started working with first major supplier, McDonald’s. Most people would not assume that an Iowa farm boy would take a path in life that would lead to corporate America. But his youth played a role in his interest with the distribution of food and honing his managerial skills. As the president of this company, he makes an effort to make sure the next generation becomes businesswomen and businessmen. He gives back to his university. He works to make sure agriculture entrepreneurship is alive and well.

OSI Group has made major moves under the leadership of their president. The company has purchased Baho Food and Flagship Europe. These acquisitions have led to the company being able to reach more customers. Additionally, they were able to broaden their workforce and assets. They have also purchased an Australian food company that will allow them to be a more effective food supplier in to their customers in Australia.

Invest In Freedom Checks And Enjoy High Returns Hassle-Free

Invest In Freedom Checks and Enjoy High Returns Hassle-Free

Most people in the world come up with strategies that they can employ and save extra money from their daily, weekly or monthly earnings. It is wise to always think about how you will survive after retirement. You don’t want your children or grandchildren to suffer in the future when you can save when still young and fit. Today, there are advanced and powerful investment programs that you can rely on and grow your wealth. Freedom Checks is the latest investment program that presents investors with millions of investment options available.

Freedom checks are a leverage act in the taxation code that makes it easy for investors to earn high returns from their investments as well as get an extra subsidy from the United States government. The key reason why many investors are opting for this investment program is the fact that they are not subjected to taxation. Instead, investors get checks on a regular basis from recognized government agencies in exchange for using their earnings into investments. With such a retirement plan in mind, many investors are opting to retire early and take advantage of this lucrative investment opportunity.

Investors should not think that checks are just an easy way to make money because they are used to taking measured risks. These kind of checks are helpful especially if one makes an investment and earn a return. It is not a get-rich quick program that an investor can play around with. These checks are legal securities that an investor needs to buy first before he or she gets a return. In simple terms, if you have invested your available money, you get a chance to get above-average returns for a long period of time.

The more you invest in checks, the higher the chances of making better returns. Therefore, an investor has to think deep, research meticulously and consult widely before investing. Renowned investment experts such as Matt Badialli can offer unbiased guidance and advice on this kind of investment. Matt Badialli and other investors who have invested in freedom checks are a great testimony, this investment program is real and not a sketchy way to make money. In fact, those how have invested in this initiative are in for a surprise as more than $34.6 billion worth of freedom checks is up for grabs.

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A Gift From Former President Nixon

Matt Badiali has uncovered very interesting news in a buried U.S. statute regarding shareholders of publicly traded partnerships. Mr. Badiali, a personal finance professional with a focus on natural resources investing, knows that there is a statute, 26 U.S. Code 7704, that allows energy concerns to send earnings on to their investors, on either a monthly or quarterly basis. The firms that can disseminate these earnings, under the aegis of this code, have to be “master limited partnerships (MLP)” involved in the natural energy sector, which is also why Matt Badiali is well aware of this.

MLP’s have 2 different types of partners within it. There are general partners, which as the name lends, oversee daily general operations of a fund. In addition, there are all the investors in the fund who are also considered partners, but they are limited partners. Investors are considered “unit holders” as opposed to shareholders, and it is through this unit-holder structure that required distributions are funneled to investors. MLP’s are not required to pay any type of a corporate tax, so the gross advantage is to be able to redistribute copious amounts of earnings to unit holders in funds that would otherwise have a date with the IRS.

MLP’s are most often found in stable, long-term growth industries, like the natural resource sector Matt Badiali covers. The fact that they have so much additional cash rolling around from their “no-corporate tax structure,” MLP’s can offer very high yields as compared to most every other vehicle.

President Nixon saw the United States as absolutely having to protect itself from over-reliance on foreign sources of energy, so he though the best way to induce investors to support domestic concerns in the natural resource sector was to give them the opportunity to make handsome returns. Matt Badiali is helping Americans invest in themselves and their future.

MLP’s are open to anyone with a few hundred extra dollars to invest, but the greatest rewards are found from investing larger amounts of money. Starting small, getting comfortable and then seeing the results should induce greater investing. Even more encouraging is that the only time a taxable event is recognized by investors is if they sell their units in an MLP, so the benefits are very clear on this type of smart investment.

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Born in Haifa, Israel, Adam Milstein, the son of Hillel and Eva Milstein both immigrants from Argentina 1948 and Mexico 1949 respectively. He was the first son among three siblings. He joined Israeli Defense Forces in 1971, and 1973 served the Yom Kippur War. After the mandatory service, he joined the Technion, Israeli Institute of Technology graduating Cum Laude in 1978 with a B.S. degree in Business and Economics. He joined his father while in his higher education years to expand their real estate development and construction business.

Adam Milstein got married in Haifa in 1974 to Gila Elgrably and moved to the U.S. in 1981 with their two daughters and the third being born after their move. He received his MBA degree from the University of Southern California, Los Angeles later serving as a sales agent in the commercial real estate. He is currently the co-founding partner of Israeli –American Council and is also the chairperson of its countrywide expansion. He as well holds a seat in various organizations such as StandWithUs, Hasbara Fellowships, Birthright Israel, Stand By Me, AIPAC (American Israel Public Affairs Committee), Jewish Founders Network.

Both Adam Milstein with his wife are the co-founders of The Sifriyat Pijama B’America which issues free books each month written in Hebrew, educating Jewish principles to over 70 Israeli-Jewish-American families living in the U.S.

In a recent article, he states that North America joined Europe which sprouts up a growing alliance between radical leftists and radical Muslims. The radical Muslims execute gays, step on human and minority rights.

Adam Milstein further illustrates how the radical Muslims’ focus on the destruction and delegitimization of Israel which is the historic land of the Jews, fanning the flames of the anti-Semitic. By building of these collaborations, they seek the destruction of Western values of tolerance, democracy, and freedom which are the solid principles of Israel, the sole democracy in the Middle East as well as of America. Adam Milstein sums up his article by stating that the growth of the alliance threatens both life in America and also future of the Jews all over the world.