Shervin Pishevar: Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies Evolving Uses

Investments made into blockchain and cryptocurrencies often differ. Most cryptocurrencies are associated with a blockchain. However, an increasing number of blockchain projects are undertaken by private companies that don’t need cryptocurrencies. Shervin Pishevar foresaw the lull in the cryptocurrency market. He also predicted that it would grow amidst renewed enthusiasm and a more mature market.

A Bit of History

The cryptocurrencies that Shervin Pishevar discussed where that of the brief ICO craze. Many of these projects were simply attempting to obtain a piece of the massive influx of capital into a market driven by Bitcoin. Since those few months at the end of 2017, the cryptocurrency market has seen increased regulation and more careful investments. There are now many less scams in the crypto market. People out to make a quick buck are looking elsewhere. Individuals and organization who believe and/or love crypto tech have remained.

Changing Expectations

Part of the message that Shervin Pishevar hoped to convey was that crypto has its place in the online world. What few knew at the time was that blockchain technology has significant advantages for private companies. Since private companies will be conducting transactions internally, they do not need to monetize their data with a currency. Blockchain technology represents a revolution in data management, efficiency, and dynamic logistical applications. It is expected to change the world and be paired with the deep machine learning data requirements of artificial intelligence. Organizations are already exploring how machine learning and blockchain can improve operations through logistical applications.


The statements made by Shervin Pishevar remain relevant today even in a vastly different crypto market. It is still driven by Bitcoin, but the industry is much more diversified. The rise of centralized blockchains is quite impressive. What is surprising about private blockchain projects is that there are so many of them. And blockchain’s popularity does not seem to be waning any time in the near future.

Cryptocurrencies and decentralized public blockchains still represent a neutral environment to secure digital transactions. As predicted, they still have a bright future.

Available Jobs at Fortress Investment Group

Fortress Investment Group is among the most reputable investment and asset management firms in the United States and in the rest of the world. The firm launched in 1998 and has grown into one of the most prosperous firms involved in managing a number of assets such as credit backed securities. One of the reasons why the firm has been very successful is its staff of highly qualified professionals. On a regular basis, Fortress Investment Group looks to hire professionals for a number of job openings. Today, the firm is looking to hire for positions such as senior recruiters, FPA& Analyst Asset managers and private equity analysts. These are among the most recent job openings available for professionals to pursue.

The first available job opening is as a FP&A analyst and asset manager. This position entails gathering, analyzing and submitting data for clients in the aviation industry. AN applicant taking this job will be tasked with evaluating lease agreements in the aviation industry, gathering lease data and also submitting reports to management. The ideal candidate for this position will be someone with experience evaluating and analyzing lease agreements and also working with companies in the aviation industry. View the company’s profile on Linkedin.

Fortress Investment Group has another job opening for a private equity analyst. This position entails evaluating a number of financial securities and also gathering data about investment opportunities. The applicant will be required to compile reports on investment options for various clients and also submit them to management. The private equity analyst position is available for those who have experience in financial fields such as accounting and financial analysis.

Those who are looking to work at Fortress Investment Group can also look into a position as a senior recruiter/vice president. As a senior recruiter, an applicant will hold a top level managerial position in the human resource department. They will be responsible for finding and hiring a number of professionals in all positions at the firm. Applicants who are looking to get the position as the senior recruiter will need to have experience in human resources and recruiting employees for various companies. It will also be ideal for those who have experience recruiting professionals for investment firms.

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Freedom Checks: Better Than A Governement Program

There are going to be several hundred companies that will be issuing a combined total of over $34 billion in Freedom Checks to their shareholders this year alone. Will you sit on the sidelines while someone else rakes in the profits, or will you take the initiative to invest in one of the most lucrative investment strategies in the stock market? If you are wondering how you can start collecting these payments, start learning about Master Limited Partnerships. Congress passed legislation back in 1987 that gives MLPs a tax-free standing and the ability to issue Freedom Checks to loyal stakeholders of their company. MLPs have been publicly traded companies that most investors have overlooked.

When Freedom Checks became more widely known, a lot of people were confusing them with being either a brand-new government program or part of an existing program. Taxpayers have age restrictions on when they can start collecting benefits. A person can receive Freedom Checks, and there are no income limitations. Someone who is interested in beginning their investment journey can start taking advantage of Freedom Checks with as little as $10 and access to a trading account, where their payments will be deposited. It is important to note that receiving these payments requires someone to invest money. The more the person chooses to invest, the more they will receive in payments.

Matt Badiali has been aggressive in telling the public about MLPs as a great investment for a variety of reasons. First, he feels that the tax plan passed by the Republicans is going to mean higher profitability for many of these companies. Higher profits will enable MLPs to be more generous to their shareholders. He also feels that the fracking boom is going to keep this area profitable for many years. The United States use to import much more oil from the Middle East in the past. With many US oil companies utilizing fracking technology, the US is closer to achieving energy independence. As long as this trend continues, investing in MLPs may be very profitable, and these companies will be issuing substantially higher payments as the earnings explode.

Serge Belamant Receives Approval of Patents that Transformed the Gaming and Financial Sectors

Technology inventor Serge Belamant revolutionized financial institutions and governments when he developed the Verification of a Transactor’s Identity System. His first invention, the Method and Apparatus for Controlling a Gaming Operation System is a smart card that features secure processing and memory apparatus. Each system uses a smart card, a technology Serge Belamant patented in 1989 in the US, Europe, South Africa, and other global countries. The technology emerged in the development of blockchain applications that uses micro processors in smart cards for identity verification and to control game operations for wagering. Serge Belamant claims on the Verification of a Transactor’s Identity System incorporate secured apparatus, memory storage, and processors in a smart card.

The memory of the card stores the application for controlling the operations of a game and associating gain and loss data of its players. The patent claims the technology can provide functioning gaming with a second processor, display, and input. Another claim is that the system transmits output signals that represent a game result. In a news report issued by BlockPitch, in December of this year, the approval date of the patent was in 2001. The Verification of Transactor’s Identity System is popular around the business world for verifying the identity of a transactor before conducting financial transactions. This system facilitates a transaction between transactors and a government agency or financial institution.

An independent verifier is the operator of the facility for verifying and identifying a transactor. Serge Belamant didn’t receive approval for the system’s patent until 2014, seven years after filing for it. In South Africa and other African countries, Serge Belamant is known as a blockchain inventor of smart cards. He made the identification and financial processing innovative for ensuring security and the handling of financial transactions. The blockchain technology he created is a ledger or list linked with cryptograph which includes data of the transaction and its time stamp. The best feature of the Transactor’s Identity System is its online and offline capabilities. Five years ago, he filed for a patent for his invention of the Financial Transactions With a Varying Pin System and he’s waiting on its approval.

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Serge Belamant and the Block Chain Debit Card

The forbearer of Zilch Technology Limited, Serge Belamant was born in France in 1953, but later relocated to South Africa when he was 14 years. He attended Highlands North High School for Boys where he learnt how to speak and write English. While there, he excelled in athletics, rugby, as well as chess. He was also the head prefect, house captain, and member of both the bridge and science club.

Net 1

Over the early years, Net 1 attempt to provide UEPS systems to institutions such as banks was unsuccessful. In spite of this, Net 1 entered into an agreement with Visa for the creation and foster of a visa application using FTS/ UEPS technology. To complete, the project of creating the Chip Offline Pre-authorized Card, Serge Belamant moved to the USA.In 1999, Net 1 procured Cash Paymaster Services (CPS) from FNB. It presented a system to render a welfare donations to nearly 1 million South Africans residing in rural areas. Through utilization of UEPS, Net 1 modernized payment of charity by supporting speed, security, and interoperability.Serge Belamant struggle to list Net 1 on NASDAQ finally came through in 2005. He held the position of chair and CEO of Net 1 until 2017. Net 1 expanded past South Africa borders and signed deals in Botswana, Burundi, Russia, Namibia, Iraq, and later Ghana. In its peak, Net 1 funding surpassed the 2 billion USD mark.

Revolutionizing of Banking through Block chains

Many people declare that block chain is like the internet in the 80’s and 90’s. Net 1 technologies spearheaded various block chains applications. The utilization of block chain technologies assists Net 1 technologies to gain important free cash flows as a commercial tech company.


Net 1 technologies designed a chartered form of block chain technology on a smart card. It serves as a debit card and does much more. This smart card uses distributed ledgers that function both online and offline. The smart cards help create an audit record, confirm, encrypt, decrypt, and approve transactions to occur. The block chain smart card does not require electricital connection thus can work an entire bank account less of infrastructure costs. Serge Belamant deserves recognition for his excellent work.

Invest In Freedom Checks And Enjoy High Returns Hassle-Free

Invest In Freedom Checks and Enjoy High Returns Hassle-Free

Most people in the world come up with strategies that they can employ and save extra money from their daily, weekly or monthly earnings. It is wise to always think about how you will survive after retirement. You don’t want your children or grandchildren to suffer in the future when you can save when still young and fit. Today, there are advanced and powerful investment programs that you can rely on and grow your wealth. Freedom Checks is the latest investment program that presents investors with millions of investment options available.

Freedom checks are a leverage act in the taxation code that makes it easy for investors to earn high returns from their investments as well as get an extra subsidy from the United States government. The key reason why many investors are opting for this investment program is the fact that they are not subjected to taxation. Instead, investors get checks on a regular basis from recognized government agencies in exchange for using their earnings into investments. With such a retirement plan in mind, many investors are opting to retire early and take advantage of this lucrative investment opportunity.

Investors should not think that checks are just an easy way to make money because they are used to taking measured risks. These kind of checks are helpful especially if one makes an investment and earn a return. It is not a get-rich quick program that an investor can play around with. These checks are legal securities that an investor needs to buy first before he or she gets a return. In simple terms, if you have invested your available money, you get a chance to get above-average returns for a long period of time.

The more you invest in checks, the higher the chances of making better returns. Therefore, an investor has to think deep, research meticulously and consult widely before investing. Renowned investment experts such as Matt Badialli can offer unbiased guidance and advice on this kind of investment. Matt Badialli and other investors who have invested in freedom checks are a great testimony, this investment program is real and not a sketchy way to make money. In fact, those how have invested in this initiative are in for a surprise as more than $34.6 billion worth of freedom checks is up for grabs.

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