Working With Sussex

The Sussex Healthcare Company has become a highly sought after place of employment since its launch over 25 years ago. Sussex offers a plethora of benefits, including opportunities for growth within the company. If you are a hardworking individual with a sincere passion to improve the lives of other people, Sussex may be the company for you.

Sussex is proud to offer many benefits to its valued team members. These benefits include the following:

Pension Plans
Discounted Sussex Services
Free Employee Transportation
Entry Level Training
Plus many more!

Care Assistants
Sussex is always seeking to recruit incredible care assistants to offer the residents warm and friendly services. Previous experience and qualifications are not needed, since Sussex provides all the necessary training.

Care assistants strive to meet the personal needs of the clients in a dignified manner, while enabling as much independence as possible. They offer help with general day to day activities, such as brushing teeth, bathing, clothing and other general activities.

Care assistants receive paid breaks, subsidized meals, opportunities for career advancement and 50% extra pay on weekends. Once hired, you are eligible to receive a referral bonus for any friends hired on to Sussex.

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Other Roles
Sussex offers both entry level and management positions. These include peripatetic care home managers, domestic assistants, administrators, payroll supervisors, Autism leads and more! For current opportunities and job descriptions, visit

The History of Sussex Healthcare
Sussex was established in 1998 in Warnham, UK. It currently has 20 establishments spread across Sussex, with its head office on the west side. It has won multiple hospitality awards over the years and continues to set the gold standard for care and hospitality.

The company recently appointed a new CEO, Amanda Morgan-Taylor. She has over 30 years of experience and expertise under her belt in the healthcare and social industry. She is currently working with other Sussex leaders to facilitate growth and development for the company.

Services offered at Sussex
Sussex offers care services designed for individuals suffering from dementia, Alzheimer’s, neurological disorders and other disabilities. Treatment and care packages are all customized to meet the individual’s needs. Sussex homes have 24/7 care with a cozy setting, yet state-of-the-art technology for optimal care.

Sussex continues to pioneer the hospitality and care industry in the UK.