Robert Ivy Is An Accomplished Businessman And Architect Dedicated To Helping Others

Robert Ivy has been a member of the American Institute of Architects for many years and has made many contributions to its extended growth and membership today. He has been working as the organizations Chief Executive Officer since 2011, using his knowledge to help the organization and its members to improve their careers as well as the architecture and design industries.

Being the CEO of the AIA allows Robert to have a much larger voice and help more people through his knowledge and architectural expertise. A wider audience is one of the biggest reasons Robert advocates that others also find a professional organization to join with so they can take advantage of the benefits for their own career.

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Since his time as the leading architect, Robert Ivy has been trying to encourage those interested in architecture, design, or any field for that matter to embrace the need to become involved with a professional trade association. There are many benefits that can sometimes be crucial for certain new professionals to advance their own careers. This can be simple insight, career opportunities, or some form of training they had not yet received. The AIA provides their members with a huge variety of different educational material that they are free to use. As the leader of the American Institute of Architects, Robert Ivy has ensured that more than 90,000 members are privileged to educational material and training programs that cannot be found for free anywhere else.

Trade associations, in general, will provide these benefits to new professionals, but there is no better organization to join for architects and designers than the AIA. Not only are they one of the oldest trade associations in the US, but with Robert Ivy as CEO, their members include some of the most prominent individuals in the field of architecture. The AIA also offers various opportunities for members to earn awards and take on leadership roles for different projects within and outside of the organization.

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