Accounting Expert Dabie Tsai Gives Her Outlook on the Future of Accounting

Accounting expert Tsai has over 23 years of professional experience. During her career, Dabie Tsai has worked on IPO and periodic SEC filings for both domestic and foreign registrants. Tsai is also an expert on issues involving acquisitions, mergers, and consolidations. Over the course of her career, Tsai has spent time in the United States, Canada, Spain and Chile. She led large audit teams serving some of the world’s top financial institutions.  DabieTsai says that her experiences have helped her learn to understand accounting from a worldwide perspective. She believes that the future of accounting is bright.


Tsai believes that computers have changed the accounting world. Over the next few years, computers will help the accounting world evolve. Tsai believes that different machine learning technologies will make things easier for accountants. Machine learning technologies will help computers keep track of important data so that they can complete tasks. Artificial intelligence will help automate tasks such as data entry. Machine learning allows workers to become more efficient, and thinks the technology completes smaller tasks. In general, Tsai feels that the implementation of the new technology is an overall benefit for the workforce.

Standing Out

Many companies struggle with the fact that they often do things in a way that is similar to how things were previously done. Tsai believes that consistency can stand in the way of evolution. That’s why it is important for accountants to show that they are adaptable and able to bring a unique viewpoint to the firm.

Tsai advises accountants to continually take a step forward in their career every year. Accountants should try to learn different skills that can help them in the future. Dabie Tsai says that accountants should always seek to learn new technologies or gain new certifications. Tsai believes that accountants who are always thinking about the future will be prepared for whatever their next move may be.

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The career profile of Deirdre Baggot

Ever since Deirdre Baggot started her career as a nurse and resource coordinator at the Northwestern Memorial Hospital in 1997, she has contributed immensely in making the health system more efficient.

Baggot has held various positions of influence in the health care industry, and her impact has been felt and seen by all the players of the industry. Her work at the Northwestern Memorial Hospital informed her formative years, as she spent six years with the hospital before switching to Annor Arbor, Michigan. Here she worked as an administrative manager and also doubled up as a business analyst, besides joining the University of Michigan Health System. Check out to read full interview of Deirdre Baggot.

It is Deirdre Baggot’s practice to always go above and beyond the call of duty to deliver exceptional results and it was no different while at Annor Arbor. Resultantly, she was the recipient of a prestigious award that recognized her excellent leadership at the institution. Additionally, Deirdre earned her Lean/Six Sigma certification.

Come 2006, Deidre Baggot would start a new chapter in her career by joining the Cardiac and Vascular Institute where she worked as the senior administrator. Cardiac and Vascular Institute is a subsidiary of the Catholic-based, SCL Health (The Sisters of Charity of Leavenworth.) Her time here would see her oversee more than 450 employees and was also tasked with marketing, recruiting, business development, payer contracting, acquisitions and a host of other administrative activities.

During her reign, Cardiac and Vascular Institute expanded ambitiously and opened 11 new clinics besides recruiting key employees. Deirdre Baggot would leave the Denver-based institution and joined GE Healthcare Partners in Los Angeles, California as a senior vice president.

Ms. Deirdre holds a Doctorate of Philosophy degree from the University of Colorado and also a Business Administration Master’s Degree from Chicago’s Loyola University Graduate School of Business. Additionally, Baggot is a Gregory LaVert Scholar and also holds a Nursing Bachelor of Science.

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