The Bro-Talk-OG Juan Celebrates In Style

OG Juan celebrated his birthday in a fashion and style along with his celebrity socialite and friend, Jay-Z. He-JAY-Z was confident in sharing his appreciation for OG Juan. He says that Juan had spent about $113 million in birthday celebrations for his personal and close friend. The birthdays are celebrated in nightclubs and restaurants, where there is a lot of bottle popping. It was, therefore, a night to remember for OG Juan and his small group of friends.

OG Juan’s Achievements

OG Juan is the current president of ROC Nation sports. They have been business partners with his longtime friend. He has been referenced by Jay-Z many times on several of his records. OG Juan and Jay-Z, do not have any reservations in accepting that their love for sports entertainment ability led to their strong friendship. The friendship led to the existence of the powerhouse called Roc Nation Sport.

OG Juan’s Unique Ability

For many years, the two partners have been able to achieve a lot of things by abiding by the mission statement of powerhouse. The mission statement of the firm is always advocating the support of athletes in the industry. The company is doing the same for music artists. The company focuses on making sure that the excellence of both artistes and athletes is similar in all aspects, and not just on the pitch. Using the ability of OG Juan to concentrate on the needs of people, and the world entertainment platform, the two have contributed to the success of many athletes in the nation. The act is a groundbreaking and a unique thing for the brand. Additionally, several artists in the country also benefit from the contributions of the two as doors still open for more artistes. OG Juan has a dream of ensuring that those who need his help end up succeeding.

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