Nicolas Krafft Supports Initiatives To Encourage Ethics At L’Oreal

Ethics are an integral part of the business practices of the global beauty brand L’Oreal. Nicolas Krafft is a key player in these efforts as the Global Business Development’s VP. One of the events that Nicolas Krafft took place to promote an ethical culture was 2018’s Ethics Day. This event gave employees of the opportunities to discuss any issues or ideas that they had concerning the company with L’Oreal’s Chairman and Chief Executive Officer. There were also members of management on a local and national level that were taking part in the program that included in-person discussions and online web chats concerning concern surrounding ethics in the company.

Nicolas Krafft was happy that the company had the opportunity to show their dedication to their values of transparency, courage, respect, and integrity through the event. It showcased some of the many different initiatives that the company has to promote ethics on a social and environmental level while following legal guidelines and regulation concerning human rights and the environment. This dedication to ethics is something that is held throughout all levels and departments of L’Oreal.

L’Oreal offers multiple resources when it comes to ethics in the 70 countries around the world in which they operate. People who want to voice concerns without fearing that they will face issues in the future can participate in “Speak Out”, the company’s whistle-blower program. L’Oreal wants their employees to feel comfortable about any inappropriate behavior that they have witnessed within the company so it can be addressed quickly.

Instead of just reacting to problems when they happen, L’Oreal tries to approach any potential issues proactively. This includes mandatory training about different ethical issues that may be faced during someone’s time with the company. Their efforts focus on bringing employees together to support and discuss their causes and values so they can be upheld around the world.

It’s important for any company to show a sense of social responsibility in everything that they do. L’Oreal is committed to this and keeping up with environmental obligations as well. They encourage their employees to not only follow guidelines but to think of the impact that ethics has on the world.

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