OSI Group Grows The Capabilities In Spain

OSI Group already had a considerable presence in Spain before they recently expanded their business in the area even further. Their Toledo, Spain plant was recently renovated with more production area along with other features such as storage and a test kitchen was added on. These additions were added to cover the increase in demand for chicken products in Spain and surrounding countries. Before this considerable expansion, the plant had the capabilities to process around 12,000 tons of chicken each and every year and as of now, that capability has doubled. OSI Group buys former Tyson Foods plant in Chicago.

While chicken is the area that OSI Group is currently seeing the most growth in, their plant in Toledo, Spain does not only process chicken products and in fact, offers a large variety of different proteins to meet the demands of their consumer base. Some of their other popular items include pork, beef, and turkey. While the company and their customers are excited about their increase in production capacity, government officials and residents of the area around the plant are excited about the almost 2 dozen new jobs the expansion has brought.

One of these new positions that OSI Group was able to offer includes a product development manager for the plant who will represent many people within the company as they work to develop new products for their customers. With just this plant now being able to produce 45,000 tons of meat, they will need excellent leadership to take the company in the right direction. Along with trying to come up with new products for their line, they will also be trying to figure out how to improve their items that already exist. The preferences of products are always changing and they have to be ready to accommodate any new demands that their clients may have for the company.

Jose Maria, the Managing Director of the OSI Group operations in Spain, stated that the demand for chicken has been steadily rising over the past decade. This growth is expected to keep occurring for the foreseeable future. With demands growing, OSI Group has positioned themselves to be able to stay at the forefront of food production.

Serge Belamant Receives Approval of Patents that Transformed the Gaming and Financial Sectors

Technology inventor Serge Belamant revolutionized financial institutions and governments when he developed the Verification of a Transactor’s Identity System. His first invention, the Method and Apparatus for Controlling a Gaming Operation System is a smart card that features secure processing and memory apparatus. Each system uses a smart card, a technology Serge Belamant patented in 1989 in the US, Europe, South Africa, and other global countries. The technology emerged in the development of blockchain applications that uses micro processors in smart cards for identity verification and to control game operations for wagering. Serge Belamant claims on the Verification of a Transactor’s Identity System incorporate secured apparatus, memory storage, and processors in a smart card.

The memory of the card stores the application for controlling the operations of a game and associating gain and loss data of its players. The patent claims the technology can provide functioning gaming with a second processor, display, and input. Another claim is that the system transmits output signals that represent a game result. In a news report issued by BlockPitch, in December of this year, the approval date of the patent was in 2001. The Verification of Transactor’s Identity System is popular around the business world for verifying the identity of a transactor before conducting financial transactions. This system facilitates a transaction between transactors and a government agency or financial institution.

An independent verifier is the operator of the facility for verifying and identifying a transactor. Serge Belamant didn’t receive approval for the system’s patent until 2014, seven years after filing for it. In South Africa and other African countries, Serge Belamant is known as a blockchain inventor of smart cards. He made the identification and financial processing innovative for ensuring security and the handling of financial transactions. The blockchain technology he created is a ledger or list linked with cryptograph which includes data of the transaction and its time stamp. The best feature of the Transactor’s Identity System is its online and offline capabilities. Five years ago, he filed for a patent for his invention of the Financial Transactions With a Varying Pin System and he’s waiting on its approval.

Sources of the article : https://www.biznews.com/briefs/2017/05/25/net1-ceo-serge-belamant-retirement

Peter Briger, the Principal & Co-Chairman of the Board of Directors at Fortress Investment Group

One of the driving factors in a well thriving business is good leadership. Peter Briger the Co-Chairperson and Principal at Fortress Investment Group is one of the strongest pillars that has been able to lead this great investment company to heights it currently enjoys in the industry. So what has taken this well-decorated business executive and staunch investor to achieve all this?

To many, Peter Briger is a decorated business leader and a financial expert who enjoys more than two decades experience in asset management. Other than being experienced, Briger is highly qualified with a B.A degree from Princeton University and an MBA from the University of Pennsylvania, Wharton School of Business. Learn more about Peter Briger at cnas.org

Career history

Much as Mr. Peter Briger is well known for his enormous contributions in Fortress Investment Group, his career dates back. Before joining the Company in 2002, Peter Briger had worked at Goldman, Sachs & Co. for a period of 15 years growing himself to the position of managing partner in 1996. Before assuming the position of Co-Chairman of Fortress in 2009, Briger was so much involved in various leadership and management roles in the company that helped him build his career. His Fortress Credit Portfolio unit that he created and managed was able to elevate him and the company to billionaire status thanks to his managerial skills.

Peter Briger’s success

Besides his financial investment prowess, Mr. Briger is also known for his enormous contribution to his community. Briger has made and continuously contributes to his community through a number of philanthropic acts. Currently, Briger sits and serves at Caliber schools board. This is a charted network group of schools dedicated to shaping and preparing students for the competitive college years and life beyond it. Briger also is involved with Tipping point a non-profit organization in San Francisco that helps low income earning citizens in the community. This is not all; Briger is also involved with causes that seek to better children well-being through quality education and poverty alleviation.

If you are looking for a role model to look up to then Mr. Peter Briger is just the right person to look up to.

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The Legacy of Alastair Borthwick

A native of Rutherglen, Scotland, Alastair Borthwick built an amazing career in journalism and broadcasting. Borthwick lived most of his live in the town of Glasgow where he eventually attened Glasgow High School. Soon after high school Borthwick’s long career in journalism began.

Alastair Borthwick’s first job was with the Glasgow Weekly Herald, the local town newspaper. During this time Borthwick began writing on a variety of topics and discovered his interest in the outdoors. During this time he discovered rock climbing which had a growing popularity in the area. More and more people in the middle class were participating in this activity. These experiences lead to Borthwick eventually writing a book titled Always a Little Further in 1939. The book was very successful and has been in print for nearly eighty years.

Alastair Borthwick spent many years serving his country. During World War II he was a member of British Army units including groups in Sicily, Europe and North Africa. Borthwick served as a Battalion Intelligence Officer. He would eventually reach the rank of captain. Perhaps his biggest accomplishment was leading nearly six hundred men in secret behind enemy German soldiers.

Borthwick’s experiences during war provided inspiration for more writing. His second book was titled Sans Peur. This highly acclaimed second book was an account of the history of his group during the war. What made it so unique was that it was written from the perspective of someone who was on the front line. The book has been in publication for many years.

After serving his country, Alastair Borthwick turned his attention to other talents. He spent a lot of time working in tv and radio production. During this time Borthwick produced more than one hundred and fifty thirty minute programs on a variety of topics including inventors, Scottish soldiers and the Second World War. Borthwick’s work is still relevant today. He lost his wife Anne in June of 2003. Alastair Borthwick passed away later that year.

Robert Ivy Is An Accomplished Businessman And Architect Dedicated To Helping Others

Robert Ivy has been a member of the American Institute of Architects for many years and has made many contributions to its extended growth and membership today. He has been working as the organizations Chief Executive Officer since 2011, using his knowledge to help the organization and its members to improve their careers as well as the architecture and design industries.

Being the CEO of the AIA allows Robert to have a much larger voice and help more people through his knowledge and architectural expertise. A wider audience is one of the biggest reasons Robert advocates that others also find a professional organization to join with so they can take advantage of the benefits for their own career.

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Since his time as the leading architect, Robert Ivy has been trying to encourage those interested in architecture, design, or any field for that matter to embrace the need to become involved with a professional trade association. There are many benefits that can sometimes be crucial for certain new professionals to advance their own careers. This can be simple insight, career opportunities, or some form of training they had not yet received. The AIA provides their members with a huge variety of different educational material that they are free to use. As the leader of the American Institute of Architects, Robert Ivy has ensured that more than 90,000 members are privileged to educational material and training programs that cannot be found for free anywhere else.

Trade associations, in general, will provide these benefits to new professionals, but there is no better organization to join for architects and designers than the AIA. Not only are they one of the oldest trade associations in the US, but with Robert Ivy as CEO, their members include some of the most prominent individuals in the field of architecture. The AIA also offers various opportunities for members to earn awards and take on leadership roles for different projects within and outside of the organization.

Search more about Robert Ivy: http://www.zdnet.com/article/qa-robert-ivy-ceo-the-american-institute-of-architects/

Felipe Montoro Jens Develops High-Level Experience Working With PPPs

Felipe Montoro Jens is a Brazilian businessman who has developed an expertise in Public Private Partnerships (PPP) and how they can be used to efficiently build infrastructure projects such as sanitation systems, road, schools, and other public buildings. In these types of agreements, a private company will typically build and then maintain the project while the Brazilian government provides the services.

He graduated in 1993 with a bachelor’s degree in finance from FudacaoGetulio Vargas. Felipe Montoro Jens went back to college in 1998 in order to acquire an MBA in finance and general business at the Thunderbird School of Global Management. He started to specialize in PPP projects when the law that created them pass the Brazilian legislature on December 20, 2004. Among the companies has worked for is EnergiparCaptacao S.A. where he was the chief executive officer. He says he garnered a lot of his experience in finance at Santo Antonio Energia where he was their director. Learn more about Felipe Montoro Jens at terra.com

He has worked with governments at the local, state, and national level when it comes to PPPs and developing infrastructure projects. One of the cities has worked with to develop a PPP is Sao Paulo. He worked with this municipality and private businesses to develop a project in which 34,000 housing units were built. This project started in 2018 and is scheduled to be completed in 2023. Over 100,000 jobs will be created and the homes will be affordable to the residents of Sao Paulo.

He also worked with Rio de Janeiro on a project that is building that will build enough preschools to teach 40,000 children and enough daycare centers to accommodate 20,000 preschoolers. Felipe Montoro Jens says that this city has had a critical lack of these two types of buildings for years and a PPP to get them completed as quickly as possible is the most appropriate route to follow.

Check more:https://www.baptista.com.br/felipe-montoro-jens-reporta-que-brasileiros-estao-entre-os-mais-insatisfeitos-do-mundo-com-a-infraestrutura-de-seu-pais/