Betsy Devos: The Power of Private Immersive Communities

Having a new child is important. It changes every single aspect of your life. Because of the dedication that you have for this new soul, your life will be forever changed. You find that there is an immediate attachment to your child and you want whatever is best for them, no matter the cost to yourself. You look for ways to make their lives easier as they grow, you want to secure their generation for them and a way that it wasn’t secure for yours. This can be difficult and often time-consuming. You may even notice the schools within your district, and sometimes how lackluster they are. You know that you can’t send them to the school, so you start to think about where you are going to move and scour those schools in that district. Maybe you even thought about enrolling your children in private schools, but you were always raised to believe that public schools were a good alternative when it came to education, a social norm.


It’s hard to say this, but the social norm that is centered around sending your children to public schools is one of the major downfalls of the American way of life now in our history. This is simply because the system is suffering, and it continues to decline because of a variety of reasons. All over the country there are schools that are succeeding, and they continue to succeed, but there are also schools that are declining. These decline schools get stuck in a downgrade that is sometimes very difficult to come out of. It leads to teachers leaving to secure employment at better-funded schools and children moving from school districts. Secretary of Education Betsy Devos believes that in these instances it might be best to put these schools out of their misery and allow private and charter schools to take their place. She thinks that these will better serve the student populations of these areas and give them a better chance at success.


She asks parents to think about it, they are not interested in sending their children to these schools either. Wouldn’t it make more sense to divert funding from these schools and allow better schools to take their place? In the example of such schools, the amount of time it would take to overhaul them is entire too long and the damage will be done to the student population. Children should not have their education experimented with. They should have access to programs that have proven themselves as outstanding. Betsy Devos explains in her interviews with Philanthropy Roundtable that such institutions are sitting there waiting to take these students and help them reach their goals. They can give them a level of education that they might have only dreamed of in the other institutions. With this type of education, they can feel immersed in a community that they may feel comfortable sending their own children to as an adult. There are options out there for parents, and they are not as scary as the alternative of doing nothing to change what is already happening.


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