How To Benefit From Paul Mampilly Extraordinary Market Acumen

Paul Mampilly is quite famous due to his accurate predictions about the stock market even before they take off. And he has a record to prove that his predictions are accurate and well researched. His success does not come quickly; rather it is a culmination of long hours that he together with his team has devoted to thorough research. His history in the stock market records one achievement after the other.

Mr. Mampilly devotes close to 40 hours researching to come with the best stock option. Once he gets the correct, he spends another 20 more hours writing the recommendation. The effort and time that he dedicates to the process provide a basis that enables him to select the winning pick. His recent investment advice focuses on electric vehicles, food delivery services as well as precision medicine.

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According to the Pew research, millennials now form the largest living generation in the world. The fact that Mr. Paul Mampilly also notes in his book. He sees an opportunity in the food market as an opportunity to mint more cash. He recommends investors to focus more on food delivery business.

As the Millennials preferences form the trends and norms in the food and grocery stores, expect significant changes. Fat foods like Coca cola, Campbell soups, and General mills do not get as much respect with the younger generation. A fact to remember is that the millennials group are very educated. As such, they know the importance of taking a balanced diet and in the right proportions. The generation understands the relationship between the food they eat and diabetes, obesity and metabolic diseases. Mampilly suggests that entrepreneurs focus on how to address these concerns because the generation to loves to eat.

Mampilly predictions to traditional car manufacturers like Toyota, Ford, and Chrysler to prepare for tough times ahead. In the current economy, the development of electric vehicles seems unstoppable. He compares the moment with the current iPhone versus the original phones meant for calling and receiving calls. Over the recent years, mobile phones have evolved allowing the user to do more with the phone than he even imagined.

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