Accounting Expert Dabie Tsai Gives Her Outlook on the Future of Accounting

Accounting expert Tsai has over 23 years of professional experience. During her career, Dabie Tsai has worked on IPO and periodic SEC filings for both domestic and foreign registrants. Tsai is also an expert on issues involving acquisitions, mergers, and consolidations. Over the course of her career, Tsai has spent time in the United States, Canada, Spain and Chile. She led large audit teams serving some of the world’s top financial institutions.  DabieTsai says that her experiences have helped her learn to understand accounting from a worldwide perspective. She believes that the future of accounting is bright.


Tsai believes that computers have changed the accounting world. Over the next few years, computers will help the accounting world evolve. Tsai believes that different machine learning technologies will make things easier for accountants. Machine learning technologies will help computers keep track of important data so that they can complete tasks. Artificial intelligence will help automate tasks such as data entry. Machine learning allows workers to become more efficient, and thinks the technology completes smaller tasks. In general, Tsai feels that the implementation of the new technology is an overall benefit for the workforce.

Standing Out

Many companies struggle with the fact that they often do things in a way that is similar to how things were previously done. Tsai believes that consistency can stand in the way of evolution. That’s why it is important for accountants to show that they are adaptable and able to bring a unique viewpoint to the firm.

Tsai advises accountants to continually take a step forward in their career every year. Accountants should try to learn different skills that can help them in the future. Dabie Tsai says that accountants should always seek to learn new technologies or gain new certifications. Tsai believes that accountants who are always thinking about the future will be prepared for whatever their next move may be.

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Betsy DeVos: A Champion for Improving the American Education System

Betsy DeVos serves as the current United States Secretary of Education. Recently, she had to meet with her staff regarding the decision of President Donald Trump to scrap the policy allowing transgender students to use the bathrooms matching their gender identity. She also spoke with groups who are standing for LGBTQ rights and explained the government’s side regarding the changes in the federal policy. People who have known the DeVoses reiterated that they are one of the most influential families in America, and they have warned about those who are using the recent issue to tarnish the reputation of Betsy DeVos. Known for handing out school vouchers and fighting for the change in the American education system, she is not meek and a weak player. She has her own strategies to impose the changes in the system which will elevate the quality of education for Americans. Despite the row with the LGBTQ groups about the shift in federal policy, she reiterated that she will be keeping her loyalty with the Trump Administration.



Betsy DeVos is the daughter of Edgar Prince, a billionaire who focused on automotive business. Their family is conservative, and they have supported Christian causes through the years. She married Dick DeVos, who came from an influential clan in Michigan. Their marriage resulted in the creation of foundations and charities for Christian causes in the state, donating millions of dollars to schools, hospitals, research centers, and organizations who are promoting conservative values. One of the most frequent issues hurled towards Betsy DeVos is her disconnection with public schools in the United States. Coming from a rich family, her detractors are saying that someone like her would never fully understand how the public education system works. She has been handing out school vouchers to less fortunate children, believing their right to choose the school where they wanted to study.



Long before he held a government position, Betsy DeVos has been helping a lot of impoverished families in Michigan financially and providing educational scholarships to poor but deserving students. In her home state, charter schools started to appear in every city, while the public education system continues to deteriorate. Betsy DeVos pours in a lot of money to support charter schools and requested for the public schools to shut down if the system would not change. Betsy DeVos won the confirmation from the Senate after Vice President Mike Pence stepped in to break the tie. Now that she is the United States Secretary of Education, Betsy DeVos is working hard to look into the root problems faced by the American education system. She is determined to revise the system, and she stated that more children will benefit from the drastic changes that the department wanted to implement.


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The Present State Of Sussex Healthcare

The world is full of medical facilities of varying quality and specialties. In southern England is a faculty named Sussex Healthcare, which focuses on mental illness in adults and elderly individuals. The company has been moving in a positive direction over the years, with a staff that is eager to embrace new technologies. Employees and customers alike are treated with the upmost care. They ensure that everyone’s voices are heard and respected. In a recent Gazette Day article, they describe the unique approach this facility has taken to stay ahead of the competition.

The first area where Sussex Healthcare has invested resources is with the staff. These are the people on the front whom patients interact on a daily basis. They need to trained in handling different kinds of individuals, who each have a unique need that needs to be meet. The article introduces Lynn Lovett, a women who has been at the facility for 22 years and counting. She enjoys helping out clients who are living in their housing for long-term stays. Outside of work, she performs outreaching events to advise the public on what their options might be in their later years. She finds that the rich connection she shares with each patient makes it a joy to come to work everyday.

Naturally a healthcare facility is more than one sees with the naked eyes. Behind the scenes, the IT team at Sussex Healthcare works around the clock to keep the location functioning properly. The daily activities include fixing issues that arise and answering client inquires, while they have several long-term projects. Recent projects have included an upgrade of the software doctors use, and new corporate phone software. Sussex Healthcare is always recruiting new nurses and doctors to join the team. They believe everyone brings a new skill to the growth of the company.

Sussex Healthcare is a company that been around multiple decades, but continues to find new ways to innovate its modern approach to industry. Clients have been satisfied with the amenities and treatments offered, and the staff is looking to add new options.

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Michael Nierenberg: Responsible Corporate Management

To run a large company in a successful manner, an executive must not only have a passion for excellence, but also a high standard of ethics and responsibility when it comes to employees, clients, customers, and others. This is the case with business executive Michael Nierenberg, who as the President, CEO, and Board Chairman of financial services company New Residential Investment Corporation has led his company with not only integrity and honesty, but also a desire to be the best in the industry.

From his early days working at Lehman Brothers and Bear Stearns, Michael Nierenberg learned the value of hard work and integrity. Working alongside many of the industry’s most experienced and knowledgeable executives, he realized that since he too wanted to pursue a career in executive leadership, it was vital he demonstrate integrity, honesty, and a commitment to excellence. Thus, whether he was working on a project involving foreign exchange trading or global investment strategies, he took the time to ensure all aspects of these projects were done in an ethical and responsible manner.

As he has moved on to work for other companies such as Bank of America and Merrill Lynch over the years, Michael Nierenberg has continually made it a point to show others the value of hard work and integrity. From board meetings where he discussed his company’s quarterly earnings to meeting with other executives from around the world, he used his skills and abilities to show how high values can work alongside in-depth business knowledge to create a top-rated company.

In his current role with New Residential Investment Corporation, Michael Nierenberg has continued to instill the traditional values of hard work and commitment to excellence in all with whom he works. Because of this, New Residential has been able to not only pass its competitors, but stay ahead of them through the years. By relying on innovation, calculated risks, a willingness to implement new aspects of technology, and an open-door policy for all employees, Michael Nierenberg has positioned New Residential to be a formidable company in the financial services industry for years to come.

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The President Of New Residential Investment, Mr. Micheal Nierenberg

Chief Executive Officer, Chairman of the Board and the President of New Residential Investment Corp, Michael Nierenberg is estimated to be worth $44.2 Million Dollars in June 26th, 2018. His excellent skills have earned him various senior leadership titles in several companies. Previously, he was the Managing Director at Fortress Investment Group. Mr. Nierenberg held the Managing Director position at the Bank of America Merril Lynch. He also served as head of Global Mortgages and Securitized Products. Mr. Michael Nierenberg also headed Global Securitized Products while working at JP Morgans. From the head of interest rate and foreign exchange trading operations to co-head of structured products, Mr. Nierenberg held several senior positions during his tenure with Bear Stearns. Before joining Bear Stearns, he worked at Lehman Brothers.

Michael Nierenberg owns New Residential Investment stock worth billions. Over the past three years, Nierenberg made more than 3 trades. His largest trade was trading 1,708,708 units. Mr. Nierenberg later sold shares at $14.96 each and made profits worth 2,644,060 cumulatively. He is 55 years young and has been chairing the NRZ board since 2016. He trades an average of 412,885 units in a span of 111 days since 2016. NRZ has 8 more executives, 2 who are older than Mr. Nierenberg and 3 younger than him. Under Michael Nierenberg’s leadership, New Residential Investment insiders have traded more than $0 worth of NRZ stock. They have also purchased $31,800 units that are worth $466, 704.NRZ is a mortgage REIT that aims to invest and manage real estate assets in the USA.

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The career profile of Deirdre Baggot

Ever since Deirdre Baggot started her career as a nurse and resource coordinator at the Northwestern Memorial Hospital in 1997, she has contributed immensely in making the health system more efficient.

Baggot has held various positions of influence in the health care industry, and her impact has been felt and seen by all the players of the industry. Her work at the Northwestern Memorial Hospital informed her formative years, as she spent six years with the hospital before switching to Annor Arbor, Michigan. Here she worked as an administrative manager and also doubled up as a business analyst, besides joining the University of Michigan Health System. Check out to read full interview of Deirdre Baggot.

It is Deirdre Baggot’s practice to always go above and beyond the call of duty to deliver exceptional results and it was no different while at Annor Arbor. Resultantly, she was the recipient of a prestigious award that recognized her excellent leadership at the institution. Additionally, Deirdre earned her Lean/Six Sigma certification.

Come 2006, Deidre Baggot would start a new chapter in her career by joining the Cardiac and Vascular Institute where she worked as the senior administrator. Cardiac and Vascular Institute is a subsidiary of the Catholic-based, SCL Health (The Sisters of Charity of Leavenworth.) Her time here would see her oversee more than 450 employees and was also tasked with marketing, recruiting, business development, payer contracting, acquisitions and a host of other administrative activities.

During her reign, Cardiac and Vascular Institute expanded ambitiously and opened 11 new clinics besides recruiting key employees. Deirdre Baggot would leave the Denver-based institution and joined GE Healthcare Partners in Los Angeles, California as a senior vice president.

Ms. Deirdre holds a Doctorate of Philosophy degree from the University of Colorado and also a Business Administration Master’s Degree from Chicago’s Loyola University Graduate School of Business. Additionally, Baggot is a Gregory LaVert Scholar and also holds a Nursing Bachelor of Science.

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Dan Bethelmy-Rada’s Multifaceted Leadership at L’Oreal

With nearly 15 years of experience at L’Oreal Paris and Garnier brands, Dan Bethelmy-Rada is an inspirational leader of a large and diverse team. Always focused and ambitious, Bethelmy-Rada has a consistent record of success building, training and cultivating both talented and diverse teams. One of his notable successes has been mentoring and training candidates for top marketing positions who have excelled and made their mark on the industry. Dan Bethelmy-Rada is especially committed to leveraging his comprehensive skills to advance key business initiatives within the L’Oreal brand.

Born in Venezuela, Dan Bethelmy-Rada has also lived in the United States and Paris. He has travelled internationally since childhood and values interactions with people from all walks of life. Bethelmy-Rada gained an understanding early in his life that there is no singular standard for beauty. As a passionate photographer, he values and appreciates the beauty of many different subjects and places. During his academic studies, Bethelmy-Rada participated in a study-abroad program that was life-changing and further strengthened his interest in international business opportunities. He later studied International Business at Sorbonne University in Paris and earned an MBA from ESSEC Business School, just prior to obtaining a position at L’Oreal.

Dan Bethelmy-Rada’s first role at L’Oreal was Product Manager for LaScad, which is a cosmetics distribution company that’s owned by L’Oreal. During this time in his career, Bethelmy-Rada learned from his mentors and leveraged his academic knowledge to add value to the brand in the areas of advertising and marketing. He was subsequently promoted to the L’Oreal Consumer Products Division as Director and then Assistant Vice President of Garnier International, where he worked on the Fructis hair care brand. He later transferred to the skincare line.

Dan Bethelmy-Rada appreciates the comprehensive nature of his responsibilities and finds himself engaged in wide-ranging tasks on a regular basis. Wearing many hats, his day might consist of preparing a business model, developing growth strategies, engaging with clients and partnering with cross-functional teams to champion mission-critical projects. A key part of his job is making the right decisions so that the L’Oreal brand continues to grow.

Fortress Investment Has Great Positions Available For Those With The Experience

If you are looking for a career with an investment management firm, there is a good chance that Fortress Investment Group may have a position that would be perfect for you. Currently, they are hiring for many different positions within the company that was founded in 1998. They were the first company of nature to go public and get listed on the NYSE and have been making waves ever since in the world of finances.

While Fortress Investment Group may be located out of New York, many may find it worth relocating even if they do not live in the region to pursue some of the big opportunities that the company is offering. Their headquarters are in New York, but they also have affiliate offices around the world which might better suit your location needs.

Currently, they are privately held and have some big plans for growth in the upcoming years and you may be able to help with the process all the while growing your own wealth and career in the process.

One of the positions that Fortress Investment Group is currently looking to fill out of New York is a data engineer. Hard work and talent can take you a lot of places with Fortress Investment Group. There are many more positions that are being offered as well. This job is estimated to pay up to $152,000 for the company that currently handles assets worth around $42.1 billion. Some of the responsibilities that this position at Fortress Investment Group includes are developing and designing processes involved with Extract Transform load and troubleshooting issues with data and then finding solutions to fix them. In order to be considered for this position, the applicant must have a bachelors degree in preferably engineering or computer science with at least 5 years of years of experience with T-SQL programming. The ability to work as a team player in your position is also extremely important as many of the projects that will need to be completed will require a group effort. If you have previous experience with Python, it is also a huge bonus for joining their team.

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Shervin Pishevar: Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies Evolving Uses

Investments made into blockchain and cryptocurrencies often differ. Most cryptocurrencies are associated with a blockchain. However, an increasing number of blockchain projects are undertaken by private companies that don’t need cryptocurrencies. Shervin Pishevar foresaw the lull in the cryptocurrency market. He also predicted that it would grow amidst renewed enthusiasm and a more mature market.

A Bit of History

The cryptocurrencies that Shervin Pishevar discussed where that of the brief ICO craze. Many of these projects were simply attempting to obtain a piece of the massive influx of capital into a market driven by Bitcoin. Since those few months at the end of 2017, the cryptocurrency market has seen increased regulation and more careful investments. There are now many less scams in the crypto market. People out to make a quick buck are looking elsewhere. Individuals and organization who believe and/or love crypto tech have remained.

Changing Expectations

Part of the message that Shervin Pishevar hoped to convey was that crypto has its place in the online world. What few knew at the time was that blockchain technology has significant advantages for private companies. Since private companies will be conducting transactions internally, they do not need to monetize their data with a currency. Blockchain technology represents a revolution in data management, efficiency, and dynamic logistical applications. It is expected to change the world and be paired with the deep machine learning data requirements of artificial intelligence. Organizations are already exploring how machine learning and blockchain can improve operations through logistical applications.


The statements made by Shervin Pishevar remain relevant today even in a vastly different crypto market. It is still driven by Bitcoin, but the industry is much more diversified. The rise of centralized blockchains is quite impressive. What is surprising about private blockchain projects is that there are so many of them. And blockchain’s popularity does not seem to be waning any time in the near future.

Cryptocurrencies and decentralized public blockchains still represent a neutral environment to secure digital transactions. As predicted, they still have a bright future.

Available Jobs at Fortress Investment Group

Fortress Investment Group is among the most reputable investment and asset management firms in the United States and in the rest of the world. The firm launched in 1998 and has grown into one of the most prosperous firms involved in managing a number of assets such as credit backed securities. One of the reasons why the firm has been very successful is its staff of highly qualified professionals. On a regular basis, Fortress Investment Group looks to hire professionals for a number of job openings. Today, the firm is looking to hire for positions such as senior recruiters, FPA& Analyst Asset managers and private equity analysts. These are among the most recent job openings available for professionals to pursue.

The first available job opening is as a FP&A analyst and asset manager. This position entails gathering, analyzing and submitting data for clients in the aviation industry. AN applicant taking this job will be tasked with evaluating lease agreements in the aviation industry, gathering lease data and also submitting reports to management. The ideal candidate for this position will be someone with experience evaluating and analyzing lease agreements and also working with companies in the aviation industry. View the company’s profile on Linkedin.

Fortress Investment Group has another job opening for a private equity analyst. This position entails evaluating a number of financial securities and also gathering data about investment opportunities. The applicant will be required to compile reports on investment options for various clients and also submit them to management. The private equity analyst position is available for those who have experience in financial fields such as accounting and financial analysis.

Those who are looking to work at Fortress Investment Group can also look into a position as a senior recruiter/vice president. As a senior recruiter, an applicant will hold a top level managerial position in the human resource department. They will be responsible for finding and hiring a number of professionals in all positions at the firm. Applicants who are looking to get the position as the senior recruiter will need to have experience in human resources and recruiting employees for various companies. It will also be ideal for those who have experience recruiting professionals for investment firms.

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